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Welcome to the Huntington Beach Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center

Attention: COVID-19 Provisions for all dental offices

UPDATED from 5/7/2020 - As recommended by OCDS and the California Department of Public health we are currently open for elective dental procedures.

We are currently OPEN and will continue 24/7 emergency coverage for urgent dental needs-- if you have one please call our office even if after hours and we can arrange treatment. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE ER until you have spoken to the Doctor on call -- we have hopsital privileges and can provide continuity of care if required - in these instances we want to limit your personal exposure to any infected COVID-19 patients.

For treatment we will ask you to come to our office:

  • Mandatory Screening of all patients vital signs before being seen i.e. temperature, BP, pulse
  • Symptoms of COVID-19: cough, fever, chills, malaise, loss of sense of taste/smell etc. will be ruled out before being seen
  • Any urgent and emergency procedures will be taken care of the same day if needed and possible
  • PLEASE WEAR A MASK or Cloth face covering when coming to our office
  • Observe the 6 foot social distancing rule
  • Virtual Consults are avialable should you desire
  • Dr Telles is on call an available for any questions and after care issues

Changes to our office in response to the COVID outbreak

  • All staff will be using additional PPE to prevent the spread of airborn illnesses with head to toe coverings as well as face shields, n95 face masks or equivalent
  • Minimizing patients in the waiting room -- with the addition of chairs in the hallway to help observe social distancing guidelines
  • ONLY parents or caregivers can accompany the patient into a consult or surgery room - otherwise please consider calling the family member on the phone to include them during your initial consultation
  • Our handpieces are non-air driven with external irrigation which do not create the typical aersolizing particles from traditional dental handpieces (we use the Hall and electric handpieces)
  • Medify Air filters - on all surgery rooms we have installed air filters that can filter particles as small as 0.1 mircon - after any surgical procedure we are allowing the air to filter with our system for 15-20 mins between patients
  • Complete disinfection to all of our operatories between patients and hourly wipedowns of common surfaces in the waiting rooms.
  • "Open Door policy" - our door will remain open in our office and hallways to prevent the spread through touching of common surfaces
  • IQair filter for the waiting room - hepa filtering of the waiting room with UV light to help kill any potential virus in the waiting room
  • No magazines in the waiting room until resolution
  • Non-treatment of any upper respiratory symptomatic patient - as OMFS surgeons we have always screened for these conditions prior to any surgery -- if symptoms are noted in your pre-screening then we will promptly refer you to your primary care physician or Urgent care facility for proper work up and testing as indicated

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We hope that you utilize our website to answer many of your questions that you may have about a visit to our office. Our goal is to make your visit comprehensive and efficient because we know how valuable your time is.

We hope that you will use the electronic patient forms so that all your information can be available at the time of your visit.

If there are items that you would like to see addressed that are not covered in the website please let us know so they can be added.

If at any time you have questions about your visit do not hesitate to call our office.

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Before You Visit

If you are coming in for a consult, x-rays are usually needed. Your dentist may supply them or we may need to take additional pictures depending on your particular consult. Read more...

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